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Catholic Earthcare Youth Summit

"On Friday the 3rd of September, seven students from our school travelled up to Perth to attend a Catholic Earthcare Youth Summit at Aquinas College. It was a very interesting day that gave us a new insight into the Earth's problems (particularly climate change) and some ideas that we are excited to implement at school. "

"We listened to a couple of speakers, such as two people from Water Corp, an Earth Waste Manager and Costa Georgiadis (that was pretty cool).

Overall, it was an enjoyable day filled with learning, and it enabled us to interact and gain ideas from other schools across WA. I can't wait to assist in implementing several different systems in our school over the next few years, to make it more environmentally friendly."

By Lauren Cronin

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Catholic Earthcare Youth Summit on Friday, and believe that the entire group learned a lot about what contributes to the destruction of the environment, especially in schools. We have taken some exciting new ideas from the summit, which we can introduce into our school to continue to build a more sustainable, eco-friendly community."

By Ethan Nankivell

"I enjoyed seeing different students from different schools all around the state. I enjoyed experiencing how other schools go along with their days and how they host their guests. I enjoyed it when we got to speak to the students in our groups, and got to get to know them. I loved listening to the presenters when they talked about different subjects in more depth.

Overall, it was a fun day, learning new things, experiencing different environments, having to wake up so early, and having a car ride with a bunch of people you've never really spoken to."

By Renaye Smith

"The current craze in WA schools is to introduce a 3 bin system to help sort rubbish in order to keep harmful or damaging materials out of landfill. The guest speaker at the summit provided us with great tips in getting a 3 bin system setup and how to engage students into participating."

By Ryley Wastell

"It was also discussed that education plays a large part in the conservation of the planet. If people don't know or understand, they cannot effectively implement these processes into their daily life.

Overall, it was an inspiring, educational and productive event, that I believe was an essential step in assisting the sustainability actions in the future."

By Amber Milne


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