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Beekeeping and Pollination: A Fascinating Learning Experience for Year 12 Biology Students

Throughout the term, the Year 12 Biology class has been delving into the complex subject of plant reproduction and pollination. One crucial aspect of pollination is the role of bees, which the students have learned about extensively.

In order to facilitate the pollination process around the College, the students have constructed their own bee houses and installed them throughout the school grounds. These houses serve as a safe and inviting habitat for the busy bees.

To supplement the students' classroom learning, the class recently welcomed a guest speaker, Mr Mazza, who is an experienced beekeeper. Mr Mazza provided a fascinating talk and demonstration about the intricacies of beekeeping, including how to inspect a hive and locate the Queen Bee.

The students were captivated as they learnt about the various aspects of bee hives, and the critical role that bees play in our ecosystem. Through this immersive learning experience, the students gained a newfound appreciation for the importance of pollination and the vital role of bees in this process.


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