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Author Mr Norman Jorgensen Visits the College

As part of our English curriculum, the Year 7s study the novel Jack’s Island , written by Norman Jorgensen. This is a story of three boys, their courage and bravery, their adventures, their mishaps and all the fun that they have together. The story takes place on Rottnest Island during World War II.

During their reading, the students learn a great deal about the war, and how it affected Australians, and by the end, they feel that they know the boys and their families.

It is always wonderful to welcome Norman to the College, and there is much excitement when he discloses that Jack was actually his father, and has photographs of him, Banjo and Dafty! (At present Norman is writing a sequel to the book, and we can’t wait to get him back to talk about that.)

The Year 7s had a great day listening to Norman’s account of his father’s adventures, and at the same time, they enjoyed the WWI display that we have up in the Library. Our display features another of Norman’s books – the award-winning picture book, In Flanders Fields. If your eyes are sharp enough, you will even see the little red robin, featured in the book, that the soldier rescues from the barbed wire between the German and the Allied trenches.

Please come up to the Library and enjoy the display, which is part of our Remembrance Day celebrations.

Mrs Sally Ball. English Teacher and Librarian


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