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Australian and Italian Heritage Combined Makes Lamington Cannoli

The Year 10 Food and Culture students have been working on their Family Meal assessment task this term. The students were asked to create a dish from their culture or family heritage. The task involved conducting surveys to investigate the different cultures in the class, and exploring allergies, dietary considerations, and taste preferences.

Individually, students investigated their own culture and traditional family foods. They were encouraged to talk to their parents and grandparents to discover where they came from and what foods were culturally significant to them.

Students then selected a traditional family recipe that met the design brief criteria. They wrote a recipe and production plan and produced the food in class. Some groups combined their cultures to create a new take on an original recipe, like Lamington Cannoli (Combining Australian and Italian cultures).

A range of unique and delicious dishes were served, spanning the globe from Croatia, Ireland, Italy, and Australia. Well done.


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