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Ash Wednesday Liturgy Marks the Beginning of Lent

In a show of faith and humility, students at Our Lady of Mercy College marked the beginning of Lent by participating in the Ash Wednesday Liturgy today. The liturgy, which was held during the PCG session, saw all students receiving ashes on their foreheads, as is traditionally done on this day in the Catholic Church.

Lent is a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, during which we reflect on Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. Through these practices, we are reminded of Jesus's promise of hope and are encouraged to act with compassion, love, and hope.

As part of their Lenten journey, students at Our Lady of Mercy College will be encouraged to reflect on their own lives and consider ways to seek forgiveness and share compassion with others. Fasting, almsgiving, and prayer will be an essential part of this journey, helping students to act with compassion, just as God does with them.

The ashes received by the students today will serve as a reminder of the needs of those who do not have access to the basic needs of human life, and to consider ways in which they can best serve them. During the Lenten period, the students will be learning about groups of people around the world who are disadvantaged and marginalised, and are working with the Catholic organisation, Caritas Australia, to improve their lives.

To support the work of Caritas Australia, students at Our Lady of Mercy College are encouraged to donate any spare change they may have.

The College hopes that their efforts will help end poverty and injustice around the world, not just during Lent but every day.


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