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Art Gallery of Western Australia Excursion Report by Rocky (Year 12)

In April, the Year 11 and 12 ATAR and General Art students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Year 12 Pulse exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) in Perth. 

On display was an array of intriguing and beautifully crafted final pieces from a selection of talented Western Australian Class of 2023 art students. There were plenty of different art styles and mediums, from 2D acrylic and oil paintings to textiles and computer-animated videos. Their remarkable creativity has assisted in pushing the artistic boundaries of our visual art students in the production of our pieces.

Along with the Pulse exhibition, we visited other exhibitions at the gallery. This included the impactful Aboriginal artist Yhonnie Scarce and her workings with massive glass instalments that reflect the impact of nuclear testing in Australia, especially in her glowing uranium glass instalment. 

We also visited the exhibition ‘Look Look’, which features works by Korean-American artist Anna Park. This is her first exhibition outside the United States. Through her use of grand strokes of charcoal and ink, she expresses the cultural construction of identity and power in our social media-saturated world.

After lunch, we walked through central Perth's intricate streets and alleyways, looking at spectacular murals painted by local and international artists. Most of these murals were commissioned by the government but sometimes also painted sneakily by artists wanting to get their message out in the world. 

The sheer detail and size of these works never failed to ‘wow’ us, as we never realised such hidden gems existed in Perth’s own streets.

Overall, the excursion allowed us to bond with the Bunbury Catholic College students, bouncing ideas around and refining our artistic ideas and perspectives, which will help us excel in our practical and written work.

Rocky Pike, Year 12


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