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A Thank You Message from Principal, Mr Rob Crothers

Thank you for your amazing support throughout Term 1. By standing alongside our teachers and staff, you have enabled us to support your child’s learning in the most challenging of times. Your child’s attendance at school underpins their learning, social and emotional development, as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

I recognise how concerning it has been for many of our families who have faced a COVID-19 diagnosis and understand the stress this may have placed on many households. Thank you for doing the right thing by isolating for the required period of time.

The College community has had to dig quite a bit deeper than we perhaps anticipated at the start of the year but we have dug in and arrived at the end of this term.

We now have the opportunity to take a break, to rest and to rejuvenate.

I am hoping that the break also gives the students, and the College as a whole, the opportunity to reset for the rest of the year.

Thank you also for your support and understanding of myself and my family as I have worked through a number of significant personal circumstances during this time.

Staffing Update

This term, we farewell a number of valued staff members.

  • Mrs Sinead Forster commences Maternity Leave and we wish her and her family all the best for the arrival of their first child.

  • Mr Mitch Jenkins, ICT Technician has accepted a new position. The College thanks him for his 10 years of service.

  • Mr Jethro Barraclough completes his time at the College to pursue other endeavours.

The College appreciates the contribution the staff have made to the College and wishes them all the very best for the future.

In Term 2 we welcome the following staff who will be joining our College:

  • Ms Katherine Brown will be teaching Religious Education, Music and have a Pastoral Care Group.

  • Miss Amelia Kaitani has been working with the College as a Music Tutor and will join us to teach lower school Music.

  • Mr Angelo Zampogna has commenced at the College in the role of ICT Technician.

  • Ms Brooke Cuthbertson continues as Aboriginal Liaison Officer and will also commence teaching in the area of Science.

Timetable Adjustments To accommodate these staffing changes, some adjustments will need to be made to student timetables. These changes will appear on the student timetables prior to the commencement of Term 2.

In addition, to better meet the individual needs of students, further timetable adjustments will be implemented for Year 7 Maths classes.

Easter The Easter period brings with it a reminder of the importance of lived Gospel values. As we reflect during the season of Lent, we pray in solidarity for those in our community affected by COVID-19. We have been humbled by the remarkable acts of generosity and kindness in our school community. Easter is also a time for renewal and hope. As we prepare for the solemnity of Holy Week and the joy of Easter, let us reflect on the strength of our Christian unity.

I wish you and your family every blessing this Easter and may it be a time of renewal as you celebrate together.


Rob Crothers



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