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A Round of Applause Please

During our Term 4 Assembly, Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Natasha Hart announced some fantastic extra-curricular student achievements.

Please join us in celebrating the Courage and success of these students:

It is my great pleasure to celebrate the success of our students today.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the success of our debaters. This year we had six teams participate in the South West Debating League.

Despite the often difficult circumstances, our students showed Courage by preparing and participating in the debates. We had four teams make the semi-finals and one team make the Grand Final.

While the three team members have celebrated their success and received their medals can we please acknowledge them today.

Could I ask Veatriki Ordoulidou, Shiksha Soni and Zahara Winters to please come forward? Can we please give them a round of applause.

Can we also give a round of applause to all students who participated, as well as thank those who mentored the teams. A special thanks to Mrs Cronin, Amberley Milne, Lauren Cronin, Ryley Wastell and Jack Cross for their mentoring.

I am also here to congratulate the Tournament of Minds students. This year, we had four teams participate and four teams across all of the disciplines for the first time. Two teams won the South West Division and participated in the state finals.

Please give them a round of applause.

Can we also give all those who participated in the competition another round of applause. A big thank you must also go to Mrs Ball, Ms Stone, Amberley Milne and Lauren Cronin for their help in preparing the students. A special thanks to Mrs Ball, who got up early in the morning to travel to Perth to support our students.

Finally, on Wednesday night, we had two teams participate in the South West Philosothon. And for the fourth year running, we took out many of the individual prizes and the overall team prize. While these students received their medals, can we please acknowledge their success as a College.

Individual results:

Emma Yates (Year 7) came 1st

Ethan Nankivell (Year 11) came 1st

Riley Clements (Year 7, but competed as a year 10) came 1st

Ryley Wastell (Year 11) came 2nd

Rachael Conway – Physick Year 8 came 2nd

Rachel Cronin (Year 8) came 3rd

Overall the team (OLMC Green) of Emma Yates, Rachael Conway-Physick, Keeley Stevens, Zavier Noonan, Ethan Nankivell and Jack Nankivell came 1st.

Would you please give these students a round of applause. Can we also please applaud the success of all the participants in the Philosothon.

Can I also please congratulate Mr McKenzie, whose passion and commitment to teaching Philosophy at the College has enabled this group of students to celebrate much success.

Iluka Visions is Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s annual High School Exhibition – showcasing the depth of talent and creativity in the visual arts across schools of the South West.

Today, we are very proud to present Elle Gallagher of Year 7, with the Highly Commended Award, for her beautiful lino print, displaying excellent carving, printing, and hand colouring skills. Well done Elle!

Finally, thank you to everyone who got involved in any of the activities this year. Without your Courage, enthusiasm and interest, none of this would have been possible. As a College, we should be very proud of all that we have achieved.

Mrs Natasha Hart - Director of Teaching and Learning

and Mrs Lisa Todesco - Head of Learning Area – The Arts


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