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A Message from Principal Mr Crothers - Service and Leadership

The 2023 Student Leaders were announced at the Term 4 Assembly held on Tuesday, 25 October. Principal Mr Crothers addressed the College community and spoke about the importance of Service and Leadership.

A copy of his speech can be read below.

One of the key reasons we are here today is to announce the Council of Student Leaders for 2023.

The students who lead the Council are the College Captains and College Vice Captains. Before these students are announced, I want to speak briefly about Service and Leadership.

I am sure many watched Telethon, which took place last weekend. Some of you may even have participated by fundraising and or donating. Kerry Stokes, the Chairman of Channel 7, said that Telethon was always about children helping children.

Children of all ages are aware that they can do something to improve the lives of other people. When they do those things – they are of Service to the community.

Many of our students participate in acts of Service:

- On Saturday, two of our students came to school in their full uniform to assist in showing parents and future students around the College.

- Another student volunteered to help clean up the chalk drawings from our Mental Health Week activity.

- Other students simply make the effort to place their recyclable items into the Cash for Containers collection bin.

When students make these acts of Service, they also make an act of Leadership.

They are leading the community in encouraging others to be of Service to all.

At our College, we particularly look to our older students to show us the way, to show us how to be respectful, to show us how to care for each other and to show us how to be the best person we can be.

I spoke recently with our Year 11 students. They are now the oldest students at the College. I look to them as our Seniors and as our Leaders.

I have every confidence that they will do an amazing job.

Being of Service, being a Leader, is not always easy or convenient, but it is so very important and so very worthwhile.

This morning, I want to encourage each of one you, and to challenge each one of you, to do something for the good of someone else, every day.

I extend my congratulations to all on our Council of Student Leaders and look forward to working with you in 2023.

Principal, Rob Crothers


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