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Year 7 Food Technology Class Students Create Delicious Loaded Nacho Recipes

In Week 6 of this term, the Semester 2 Year 7 Food Technology Class were asked to design a healthy, creative and tasty Loaded Nacho recipe suitable to sell at the school canteen.

Students were given the basic ingredients of corn chips, salsa and sour cream. They then selected a range of ingredients from a list provided to create their own delicious Nacho recipe. The students were very creative, and there was a great variety in ingredient combinations used.

The students were asked to complete a food order sheet and hand it to their teacher. They had to write down the chosen ingredients, and the proper quantities rquired. They had to list and plan what type of utensils and equipment they needed. They were also asked to identify any safety issues they needed to be aware of.

The students did a fantastic job in planning and executing all the steps of the cooking process. The final dishes looked great, smelled good and above all, tasted delicious.


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