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Semester 2 Dance and Drama Showcase

The Semester 2 Dance and Drama Showcase was held on Monday, 29 November at the Lyric Theater in Bunbury. There was a lot of talent on display as our Dance and Drama students presented their work to their proud families.

It was wonderful to see many students displaying courage by stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Congratulations to Emma Wilson (Yr 10) and Jessica Crump (Yr 9), who both won ‘Performer of the night’ for their commitment and kindness shown backstage and their beautiful smiles on stage.

A big THANK YOU to Miss Davis, Mr Obern, Mrs Todesco and Mrs Forster for inspiring and supporting these fantastic students.

Please find here an overview of the performances of the night:


1. Year 10 Neo Classical – Pulling a Thread

2. Human – Sannae, Emily, Jessica, Elyse and Cahlia

3. Hushh – Claire and Jemma

4. Butterfly Fly Away – Toby, Saman, Jaegar and Finnley

5. Year 8 – Seven Nation Army

6. Mash up – Ella, Aiesha and Bridie

7. Bad – Grace and Chloe

8. Give me everything – Chelsea, Kenzie, Coen and Braelinn

9. Dangerous Women – Phoebe, Bella and Abbey

10. Cartoon Hero – Mia

11. Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels – Imogen

12. Crazy in love – Keeley and Sierra

13. Judas – Jessica, Cahlia and Elyse.

14. Not about angels – Sannae, Emily, Ella and Aiesha

15. Toxic – Leela, Caitlin and Jayda

16. Crazy in love - Gracie, Ella, Fhury and Lilly

17. Feel so close - Lexi and Mikaia

18. Year 8 – Somebody to love

19. Year 9 Class Dance – New Dorp, New York

20. Year 10 Jazz – Good Luck

21. Finale – All Dance Students – This is me


"Old Guise" – Performed by the Year 10 Drama Students

Snow White and the Dreadful Eshays – Performed by the Year 9 Drama students


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