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Student Wellbeing

Counselling staff at Our Lady of Mercy College involved in the provision of mental health services for students are initiating strategies to ensure those students who require support can access the counselling service at the College as well as from home. Students who are currently accessing these services can continue to be supported while engaged in online learning. 


Students who are new to the College will have access to SEQTA. Within SEQTA you can direct message, Miss Grace Youngs, with a request to initiate communication with the Counselling Service. Miss Young will contact you to discuss options of support. For those students who have been previously accessing the counselling service please also contact Miss Young through Our Lady of Mercy College Tele-Counselling TEAMS or SEQTA.

Should your child not wish to engage with tele-counselling, please be reminded of online services that they can access for support such as:


Parents may also contact the following services:



There is a great deal of uncertainty currently for many parents and the College would like to assure you that we will continue to not just meet the educational needs of your child, but also support their mental health needs.


Please contact Miss Grace Youngs via email or SEQTA if you have any concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing.

Tele-Counselling Information and F.A.Q.s



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