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Student Readiness

In the last couple of weeks, Teachers have been working along-side students to help them prepare to engage in remote learning activities.

Earlier this week students participated in a survey to help the College to identify their readiness to engage in remote learning.

Overwhelmingly, student’s responses indicated the following:

  1. Students currently have the digital tools required downloaded onto their device.

  2. They have a high degree of confidence in using Teams software.

  3. They have a high degree of confidence in using Class Notebook.

  4. They have a high degree of confidence in trouble-shooting the key digital tools.


The results of the survey are very encouraging and indicate a high degree of readiness across a large number of students to engage in remote learning.


Some students though, were not as confident and they, and their families, are encouraged to contact their teachers or our Help Desk for assistance as and when required.

Student Readiness Survey



Need Help? This is how you contact the IT Help Desk: 

1 - Email:
2 - Connect on Microsoft Teams: OLMC – Helpdesk Team
3 - Phone: (08) 9720 3300

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