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Teddy's Big Adventure - GoFundMe

The College is taking this opportunity to share with our community the challenge of a staff member and her newborn child.

Our Music teacher, Sinead Forster, commenced maternity leave during Term 1 this year to have a beautiful little boy called Edward (“Teddy”).

Teddy is an adorable, cheeky, and courageous 10-week-old baby who has had an extraordinary start to life.

Teddy’s medical team expect that Teddy has a rare and complex form of cardiomyopathy, which up until recently, was being monitored in WA. After a very scary and unexpected turn of events involving Teddy being in critical condition at Perth Children's Hospital on an ECMO machine, Teddy is now in search of a new heart.

Alex and Sinead have had to recently relocate from Busselton to Melbourne on an indefinite basis, so Teddy can receive the specialised care he needs.

This sudden move means that Sinead and Alex have had to urgently step away from work and face many unexpected costs in their endeavour to fight for Teddy.

The College is actively supporting the family and is aware that others may wish to as well. The family has set up a GoFundMe page, of which we share the details here with you.

All thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are most welcome, and donations of any amount are incredibly appreciated to support Alex, Sinead and Teddy during this challenging and stressful time.

We continue to keep Teddy and his family in our prayers.


Hello everyone,

Here’s an update on Teddy’s journey since last time I posted. Teddy is now awake and off the ventilator. He’s moving around and getting feeds again. Sinead was able to have her first cuddle in 3 weeks for 2 hours today. If all goes well he could be out of ICU by the end of the week. His CT scan shows no Brain bleeds and his Berlin heart is running well. He truly is such a strong little bubba. Thank you for all the support you have given Sinead and Alex so far, it means the world to them.

By Brona McGovern, 28 August 2022


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