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Tears Shed and Laughter Shared at Year 12 Retreat

Our Year 12 students recently enjoyed their three days of Retreat at the Christian Youth Camp at Lake Cooloongup.

The focus of the Retreat was to provide students with an opportunity and time to step away (retreat) from the busyness of life. The Retreat provided time and space for the students to reflect upon personal and faith relationships and to consider their transition from school to new opportunities in the future.

The Retreat was a highlight for many students and staff and provided wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

"The time was healing and gave us a good perspective on where we are and how we have got here."

"Year 12 retreat was honestly one of the positives of this year.

A popular consensus would be that everyone enjoyed the three days away from school immensely, it gave us a good break away from school after the stress of our exams.

By keeping an open mind and open hearts, everyone certainly stuck by the whole ‘you get out what you give in’ and it was amazing to see how much good came from it.

With an indepth focus on family and relationships as well as past, present and future, everyone was given a chance to reflect on where they are at and where they are going as individuals.

The time was healing and gave us a good perspective on where we are and how we have got here. "


"There was a great deal of activities that we took part in, in both small and large groups.

Sharing was plentiful in the reflective space, talking to people we may not have necessarily known, and learning new things about the people we do know throughout the three days away.

There were tears shed and laughter shared – the latter mainly at a certain someone’s inability to admit they didn’t get 7.

The food was very nice, and everyone got the chance to show their competitive side in friendly competitions, as well as making a fool of ourselves in a short talent show, we hope the teachers got a good laugh. "



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