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Students Learn the Importance of Empathy in Achieving Leadership Success

The Head of St Thomas More College at the University of Western Australia, Mr Tom Mitchell, visited our school today to present to our Year 11 and 12 students. He spoke about the opportunities available at St Thomas More, and students with an interest in leadership were also invited to join a presentation called "Pitfalls of Perspective ".

During this presentation, students participated in activities designed to move them out of their comfort zone and to help them realise that there may be many different ways of perceiving the same reality. Students learnt that good leaders need to develop the ability to walk in another's shoes and empathise. Without the ability to empathise, learning techniques associated with leadership, such as conflict resolution strategies, will be less effective.

Each of us has unique experiences that have shaped who we are and how we view the world. The family we were raised in, the religious background that we may or may not have, the school that we attended, the type of society we live in, and much more, all contribute to how we perceive the world. New experiences are measured against the "standards" that we have come to believe the world should be judged by.

By understanding the genesis of one another's world views, we are better equipped to navigate our disagreements through to positive outcomes.

Overall, Mr Mitchell's presentation offered valuable insights for our young leaders, emphasising the importance of empathy in achieving leadership success.


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