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Scholarship Recipients Awarded

Jack, Sienna and Lani of St Anne's School in Harvey receiving their Scholarship certificates.

It was my pleasure to visit several schools recently, and present certificates to future students awarded Academic or Music Scholarships when they commence Year 7 at the College in 2021.

A large number of high-quality applications were received, all of which were very impressive.

As part of the application process, students were required to choose one of the Mercy values and indicate how they could integrate it into their daily lives. The maturity and depth of understanding of the students' perspectives were inspiring.

Justice - There is not enough justice in the world, but I believe that if everyone went about their day being respectful, honest and kind, soon enough the world would be a better place for everyone.

Courage – You must have courage to voice your own opinion and listen to other’s opinions. If you only ever sit back and not contribute, you can’t complain when things are not the way you want them to be.

Courage – "It take courage to ‘step out of your comfort zone’ to do what is right for you and for others. Sometimes this means doing something different from the crowd."

Respect – My involvement in sports require me to demonstrate respect to my coaches, teammates and officials. I try to respect umpires’ decisions all of the time and always shake the opposition’s hands at the end of the game. I also respect those players and competitors who show fantastic skills and abilities. I try to learn from this.

Compassion – An example of showing compassion is asking someone what the problem is, or if they need help when they are looking miserable or upset. If someone is feeling alone or left out, you could ask them if they would like to join you.

The full list of Scholarship winners is set out below;

Academic Scholarships:

Lani Beech St Anne’s School, Harvey

Jacob Birch Parkfield Primary School, Australind

Sienna Italiano St Anne’s School, Harvey

Mackenzie Kenny Harvey Primary School, Harvey

Noah Stewart St Brigid’s School, Collie

Chase Thackray Leschenault Catholic Primary School, Australind

Thaneesha Vijayakumar Glen Huon Primary School, Eaton

Emma Yates Leschenault Catholic Primary School, Australind

Music Scholarships:

Jacob Birch Parkfield Primary School, Australind

Jack Capone St Anne’s School, Harvey

Karis Davies Leschenault Catholic Primary School, Australind

Brooklyn-Lea Langridge St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Brunswick

Lucas Lenane Kingston Primary School, Australind

Pemba Mullane Kingston Primary School, Australind

Veatriki Ordoulidou Leschenault Catholic Primary School, Australind

I look forward to meeting all of our future students at our Year 7 Orientation Day to be held on Thursday, 26 November 2020.

Mr Rob Crothers, Principal

Mr Crothers listening to Music Scholarship recipient Brooklyn-Lea at St Michael's Catholic Primary School in Brunswick.
Mr Daniel Graves, Principal of St Bridgid's Primary School in Collie with Noah and Mr Crothers.
Mrs Kerry Hewitson, Principal of Leschenault Catholic Primary School with Karis, Emma, Chase and Mr Crothers.


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