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Outstanding Results in Education Perfect Global Languages Championships

Language students of Our Lady of Mercy College recently competed in the Education Perfect Languages Championships.

This online competition, hosted on the Education Perfect platform, is designed to help boost students' personal learning journey, engage them with curriculum-aligned content, and motivate them to compete against other students on an international stage.

The languages included in the event were: French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and, of course, Italian and Indonesian. These are the two languages taught at the College.

Over 200,000 students from more than 2,000 schools worldwide competed for the title of 'Best Language Learner' in the world.

2022 is the second year Our Lady of Mercy College has participated in the contest, and we are proud to announce that our results have been dazzling, both individually and on a global scale.

Our Italian students have placed 35th, and our Indonesian learners have done even better, ending the competition in 15th place. These are outstanding results, considering the number of schools that participated.

Alongside the Education Perfect Championships, the Languages Department also organised an in-school competition. Oliver Penn (Year 7) demonstrated excellent linguistic and competitive skills and was awarded first prize, a gift card worth 60 dollars.

Oliver Penn (Year 7) enjoying his well-deserved pizza.

In a joint second, we would like to acknowledge Year 8 students Emma Yates and Emily Hickling, who showed admirable work ethic and competitive spirit.

To celebrate the students' effort and passion for languages, Mr Rotelli (Italian teacher) and Ms Mambak (Indonesian teacher) invited the top 10 students for a well-deserved pizza lunch. The students appreciated the acknowledgement of their achievements and, of course, enjoyed the delicious pizzas.

Congratulations to all contestants. You have shown great spirit and dedication. Well done, and we hope to see you represent the College again next year!


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