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Message from Principal Vince Bellini - Easter is a Time for Reflection, Renewal and Celebration

As we approach the joyous occasion of Easter, it's a time for reflection, renewal, and celebration. At Our Lady of Mercy College, as we pause to celebrate this significant event on the Christian calendar, let us remember the profound message of Easter and carry its spirit of renewal in our hearts throughout the year.


Easter, as the holiest of Catholic celebrations, serves as a reminder of the sacrifice Christ made and the enduring values that guide us in our lives. It symbolises hope. As we reflect on the promise of renewal and transformation that comes with each new day, the resurrection of Christ signifies rebirth. Easter encourages us to embrace the opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening, inspiring us to overcome the challenges and adversities that we encounter along life's journey. Easter embodies the timeless virtues of compassion, forgiveness, and love. In a world often fraught with disharmony and division, these values inspire unity, fostering understanding and harmony among all people. At this time, let us not only celebrate the resurrection of Christ but also pause and reflect on the message of Easter.


I welcome this time away from the College, not only to commemorate the resurrection of Christ but also to reflect on the growth and achievements of our school community. The past term has been a whirlwind of activities and accomplishments for our students. Despite the challenges posed by a rapidly moving academic schedule, they have shown resilience, determination, and a commitment to excellence. From academic achievements to sporting triumphs, artistic endeavours, and community engagement initiatives, our students have truly exemplified the spirit of Our Lady of Mercy College.


I am delighted to announce that enrolments for Year 7 in 2025 are now complete, with a waiting list in place. If you have a child with a sibling currently at the College and would be entering Year 7 next year, I encourage you to contact the College to request a meeting with me. Additionally, interviews for enrolments in 2026 have already commenced. I encourage all members of our college community with children in Year 5 to ensure that an enrolment application has been completed and submitted to the College for consideration.


As we prepare to break for the holiday period, on behalf of the staff at Our Lady of Mercy, I extend our warmest wishes for a safe and rejuvenating time with your loved ones. I encourage you to take this opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Easter, remembering the sacrifices Christ made and the hope it brings for a brighter future. In the words of John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."


May this Easter season fill your hearts with peace, joy, and an abundance of blessings, and may you have a fulfilling holiday break.


God bless.


Vince Bellini


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