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Mackenzie and Poppy Win First Prize at Iluka Vision Art Exhibition

Congratulations to the talented Our Lady of Mercy College students Rani and Mackenzie and Class of 2021 student Poppy for being selected to exhibit work at the Iluka Visions exhibitions this year.

Iluka Visions is Bunbury Regional Art Gallery’s annual high school exhibition, showcasing the depth of talent and creativity in visual arts across schools of the South West. The exhibition showcases over sixty artworks from twenty different schools.

Rani produced a beautiful hand-coloured lino print of a spider orchid, and Mackenzie created a hand-built coil pot with an elephant head. This piece, inspired by ancient Egyptian canopic jars, was hand-painted with burnt umber and gold acrylic paint.

Poppy created a mixed-media artwork titled, ‘I’m.perfect.ions’. Poppy included portrait drawings and paintings on acrylic discs and transferred text to communicate her thoughts on beauty standards forced upon today's youth. Poppy is currently studying Fine Arts at UWA.

Both Mackenzie and Poppy won first prize in their year group. Well done.


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