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Effective Learning Needs Effective Feedback

In any other time, Semester One Reports for students in Year 7-10 would be distributed during the holiday break. Given the Covid-19 disruptions, schools could provide parents a report without grades at the same time or a report with grades at a slightly later date. Our Lady of Mercy chose the latter option.

While the inclusion of subject grades provides a more comprehensive view of a student's progress, the grade should be considered in conjunction with the Learning Behaviour ratings and the average scores for the class where detailed. The Learning Behaviours provide feedback about how a student is approaching their learning and are written in a positive vein. It is an expectation at the College that students would achieve either a 'Consistently' or 'Frequently' rating for each of these Learning Behaviours.

Effective learning needs effective feedback.

Where a child achieves this rating, they can feel proud of their efforts and are to be congratulated.

Where a child does not achieve this rating, an obvious opportunity for growth has been identified.

Parents and Guardians have a unique opportunity to assist their children to grow by engaging with them in a reflective conversation about their learning and their Semester Report.

Rob Crothers



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