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Colourful Murals of Courage

Last Term, each House was asked to design and paint a mural depicting Courage, as part of our Feast Day activities. Even though some of them require a few finishing touches, you can now see the amazing murals that were created.

The Costello mural shows two dolphins leaping out of the water. The dolphins represent our local environment of the Estuary and our link to nature. Showing Courage means getting out of our comfort zones to try something new and learn new skills. The experience can give us a sense of freedom. The dolphins reflect this as they leap out of the water.

The Hayes mural depicts a fist with wings. The wings represent Courage when we fly high to achieve our goals. The fist in the four House colours represents the strength we get from others, enabling us to be courageous and achieve great things.

The text emphasises the fact that we have to actively choose Courage each day.

McAuley chose a lion to represent Courage. They have used warm, bright colours to show that Courage can be a light in the darkest of places, and it helps people to identify the lion. The geometric shapes represent how everybody at Mercy fits together, with triangles being the strongest shape – just like McAuley students who are stronger together, showing Courage as a team. The dark background represents the Mercy colours but is also dark to show that you can still show Courage even in the darkest times. The flames represent the things that can be difficult, but despite this, we can still show Courage.

The Read mural depicts two students looking at themselves in the mirror. They are talking to themselves, motivating themselves to display Courage in the face of the many experiences they will encounter during their day.

Thank-you to the many students who have assisted with the designs and painting of the murals and to Mrs Todesco for her expert advice. Once the murals have been completed, they will be hung around the College, so keep an eye out for them.


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