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Celebrating Academic Excellence and Community at the College Opening Assembly

On Friday, 3 February, the College community gathered together for the first time this to attend the College Opening Assembly. This annual event marks the start of the new academic year and brings together students, staff and families to celebrate the beginning of a new year of learning, growth, and opportunity.

Service Captain Charlie McDonald and Principal Rob Crothers spoke about the focus Mercy value of Respect.

College Captains Sophia Tomas and Henry King gave a short address and signed the Working in Partnership Agreement with Mr Crothers. The agreement talks about Respect in relation to three things: Respect for others, Respect for self and Respect for our ‘place’.

The assembly was graced by the presence of some of the top achievers, including Marian Award recipient Luke McAtee, and 90+ Award recipients Michael Yates, Linda Xiao, Jessica Marzano, and Jack Nankivell. It was an honor to have them attend and receive their ATAR Awards in person.

Their achievements are impressive and inspiring, and their dedication to their studies will undoubtedly serve as a great example to other students.

The assembly was an excellent opportunity to introduce new staff, student leaders, and the inaugural First 11 Cricket Team and celebrate student achievements.

Thank you to Ella Valois from Capital Development Fund and Kerrie Merritt from CEWA's regional office for presenting Jayde Barry (Year 11) with the well-deserved Father James Wall Bursary 2022 Leadership Achievement Award.

In the afternoon, as a special Mercy first-week tradition, Mr Crothers organised ice cream for all students.

Overall, the College Opening Assembly was a wonderful way to kick off the new academic year and set the tone for the months ahead. It was an opportunity for the College community to celebrate our shared values and achievements, and look forward to the many exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


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