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Blended Learning

Blended Learning utilises technology to integrate online learning materials with traditional face-to-face class activities to transform and improve the learning process.


The continued development of technology has given rise to a range of hybrid learning models including Flipped Classrooms, Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking and Hybrid Education.

Understanding that students have their preferred learning styles, our teaching staff seek to provide all with a range of supplementary materials and experiences, ensuring that students are both extended and supported in their learning.


Our Blended Learning focus ensures that students can continue to engage in high-quality learning regardless of school disruption due to the current pandemic factors.

This page will be updated regularly and as soon as possible as new information comes at hand.




Need Help? This is how you contact the IT Help Desk: 

1 - Email:
2 - Connect on Microsoft Teams: OLMC – Helpdesk Team
3 - Phone: (08) 9720 3300

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