2021 Blended Learning

Blended Learning utilises technology to integrate online learning materials with traditional face-to-face class activities to transform and improve the learning process.


The continued development of technology has given rise to a range of hybrid learning models including Flipped Classrooms, Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking and Hybrid Education.


Understanding that students have their preferred learning styles, our teaching staff seek to provide all with a range of supplementary materials and experiences, ensuring that students are both extended and supported in their learning.


Our Blended Learning focus ensures that students can continue to engage in high-quality learning regardless of school disruption due to the current pandemic factors.

This page will be updated regularly and as soon as possible as new information comes at hand.

#1 COVID-19 Lockdown School Closure Letter to Parents 1 February 2021



Need Help? This is how you contact the IT Help Desk: 

1 - Email: ithelpdesk@olmca.wa.edu.au
2 - Connect on Microsoft Teams: OLMC – Helpdesk Team
3 - Phone: (08) 9720 3300

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