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2021 P&F Report

2021 has been an exciting year. The P&F has supported the College in many ways, namely: two library trolleys for bibles; $3000 towards the pedal prix project; a water bottle dispenser and shade umbrellas for the Year 12 outdoor area.


We have also contributed towards the new Year 12 Common Room, and it has been wonderful working with the current Year 11s who have contributed their advice, ideas and help.


The volunteers and tradespeople have started working on this project and with completion due in January 2022, the new Year 12 students will be looking forward to making it their own in February. We very much appreciate and thank all those involved for their help and workmanship.


The P&F has been looking at having more community-building social events, than actual fundraising events. To enable this to happen, rather at the Term 4 P&F meeting, it was discussed, voted on and passed to cut down on large scale fundraising and to increase the P&F levy to a one-off payment, with students still being able to have small in-school fundraisers. Any extra funds raised by the P&F will be passed on to the students and school community.


The second-hand book sales event held in December was a good way for families to recoup some money on old books as well as buy items for the new booklists. Our wonderful volunteers ran this event and a percentage of the funds raised went to the P&F. My four-year tenure as the P&F President of Our Lady of Mercy College concludes at the end of the year. Thank you to my fellow P&F colleagues, school staff, Principal Mr Rob Crothers and members of the Advisory Committee for your guidance and advice over the years. Importantly, I thank our parents and guardians for your continued support and donations.

It has been an honour to have led the P&F and I will continue to support this important part of the College community and lend a hand where needed. I wish the new president and incoming committee every success and I hope they enjoy being a part of this group as much as I have.

Mrs Claire Crump, P&F President

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