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2021 Advisory Board Report

To define ‘courage’ as ‘the ability to face or confront challenges or uncertainty; the ability to do something that frightens one,’ makes this year’s Mercy Value focus a genuinely appropriate and fitting reflection for our College on many levels.

In a time of transitioning from a School Board to an Advisory Council, it would have been very easy for all involved to withdraw from our previous roles and accept the new normal. Instead, Principal, Mr Rob Crothers has had the courage to listen, seek and accept advice and collaborate.


This, combined with the Council’s courage to be actively and purposefully involved, has laid the foundations and began consolidating a positive and pro-active partnership to navigate this new era of school management


The strategy we employed was to have focus groups and sub-committees to do the heavy lifting. Council members then reported back at our regular monthly meetings to inform and advise and, ultimately, lead support decisions, both immediate and for the future, of the College. I believe we have been successful in implementing this format. Thank you all very much for having the courage to embrace change and serve our College community.

To our Principal, Mr Rob Crothers, thank you for your vision and passion for our children and the College. You have shown the courage to stand up for your school, to stand up for what is right and to help us grow. You have the courage to ask for help and assistance in the times you didn’t have the answers which provides strong leadership and serves as a role model to us all, especially our children, embodying the Mercy Values.

The future is very exciting with the showpiece being our $10 million gymnasium. This state-of-the-art addition, despite its setbacks, has and will continue to transform the College landscape. It will provide countless opportunities to support learning, creative and recreational endeavours for many years to come. It is an amazing space that we are all very proud to see come to fruition.

The hard work, perseverance and faith of so many involved with our College, both past and present, is seeing the rise and success of record enrolments. We will be providing six streams for our 2022 Year 7 cohort and are almost able to put out the ‘no vacancies’ sign for our 2023 Year 7s with the formation of waiting lists appearing inevitable. This, in turn, means that we are constantly looking to the future in discussions about the continual improvement and development of Our Lady of Mercy College to ensure that we can not only deliver, but thrive in our endeavours and commitment to Embracing Life, Nurturing Faith and Inspiring Learning.

To everyone involved in the College, I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2022. God bless.

Mr David Beech, Chair – Advisory Council

Embracing life  |  Nurturing faith  |  Inspiring learning

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